Sustainability Resolution


At Billy J, we are on a journey to enhance our commitment to the planet, support our people, and contribute to a sustainable future. We’ll always strive to do better than yesterday, because self-expression shouldn’t come at a cost to people or the planet.

Since launching our sustainability initiative in January 2021, we've been diligently working behind the scenes to create a more eco-friendly and socially responsible brand. We understand that we have a long way to go, it’s a huge job, and we are here for it - committed to continue to do better, and are putting in place the policies and processes which will help us get there!

Here's an update on our progress:


Compostable Packaging: If you have placed an order with us in the past few years, you would have seen our amazing biodegradable mailers and garment bags. In 2021, we successfully changed over our parcel packaging to 100% compostable materials, and where possible switched to biodegradable garment bags. Our aim is to make every aspect of your package as environmentally friendly as possible, contributing to a significant reduction in our carbon footprint. 

Sustainable Resource Management: Billy J has initiated internal changes to introduce recycling and upcycling internally. We are committed to minimizing waste and actively engaging in upcycling and reusing items whenever possible, thus preventing them from ending up in landfills. By actively engaging in upcycling excess and old stock, we've partnered with programs like Save the Children to redistribute clothing to those in need. Since 2022, to date, our donations have saved over 8,000 items of clothing from reaching landfills.

Carbon Emissions Offset: Looking forward, we aim to partner with Greenfleet to minimize our carbon footprint further. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting venture as we strive to deliver your favourite outfits sustainably.


Employee Wellbeing: Our people, spanning employees, customers, suppliers, models, influencers, and followers, form the heart of the Billy J community. At Billy J, we prioritize our employees, providing them with appropriate training, fostering growth, and ensuring a healthy work-life balance. We reject discrimination and racism, promoting equality and diversity within our workspace.

Inclusive Representation: Collaborating with diverse influencers and brand ambassadors from various backgrounds, cultures and body types, we commit to represent inclusivity across all our platforms. Our dedication to transparency and authenticity means we celebrate real beauty without engaging in any editing practices that alter the true appearance of our models or customers.

Community Engagement: Recognizing our ability to make a positive impact, we actively contribute to various charities and community initiatives each year. Each year we sponsor multiple charity events & donate fundraising prizes as much as we can. Wishlist, Brave Foundation, Still Aware, Cancer Council - Girls Night In, Small Steps 4 Hannah, Breast Cancer Network Australia, are just a few of the many charities we have worked with or donated towards in 2023!


Carbon Neutrality: Our commitment to a sustainable future includes the goal to make Billy J as carbon neutral as possible. We pledge transparency and will keep our community informed of our progress.

Plastic Reduction: In 2024 and beyond, we're dedicated to reducing single-use plastics. Our focus is on purchasing and using biodegradable alternatives, including a comprehensive review of our office supplies.

At Billy J, the journey to sustainability is ongoing, and we're taking both small and large steps to create a better tomorrow. We appreciate your support as we evolve our practices and policies for the benefit of our planet, our people, and the generations to come.