Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Spring Racing Carnival Outfit

Your Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Spring Racing Carnival Outfit

The Spring Racing Carnival Season is fast approaching, and you don't want to be caught unawares. No doubt you want to step out looking your absolute best, which is why there’s no better time than now to start preparing.


What’s a girl to do? Undoubtedly, the first thing on your list is to pick your outfit. For this, you’ll need to ascertain which event you want to attend, and the appropriate dress code. One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can make during the Spring Racing Carnival season is to ignore tradition. Fortunately, with Billy J, we know how to strike the perfect balance between acknowledging current trends and the dress code.


Derby Day

Derby Day is the preliminary to the Melbourne Cup Carnival. You must ooze class while making a fashion statement. Derby Day's dress code is black and white, so this is the perfect time to bring out your LBD. Go for a dress with a textured fabric or a unique silhouette and let details in the dress speak for themselves. But there’s a few rules around this: you can’t wear pieces that show the midriff or dresses that skim the thighs. it goes without saying that short jumpsuits or playsuits are a no-no.


Here’s our recommendations for Derby Day:

Sunny Daze Dress

Oriana Dress

Pascal Dress

Veronica Dress



Melbourne Cup

The most prestigious day on the Spring Racing season calendar is undoubtedly the Melbourne Cup. Your outfit for this day should not only be appropriate but also bring out your style A-game.


There's no colour rule for this day, and it's your chance to be colour-bold and show off your sartorial flair.  Don't shy away from bold and vibrant colours that make an instant statement. Colour ideas include yellow, pink, green, pink, and purple.


The Melbourne Cup is as much about style as it is about the races. Keep the silhouette defined but let the dress have some unique details. Laser-cut details, ruffles, and flounces should be characteristic of your outfit. As for the headgear, make it brave and creative. This Olivia scarf with white/black polka dots can do the trick.


Here’s our dress recommendations for Melbourne Cup:

Alira Midi Dress

Nicola Midi Dress

Crystal Dress

Juliette Dress



Crown Oaks Day

Traditionally, Oaks Day is known as the "Ladies Day," where all women are invited to flaunt their dressing signature style. Choose your favourite dress with delicate fabrics like satin, silk, chiffon, floral print, or lace. It's also the day to appreciate those soft pastels and muted hues.


Some ideas include choosing a block colour or subdued floral prints in feminine shades. Floral dresses are more traditional for this day, but block colours are also allowed. If you choose a floral design, maintain a modern look with uncluttered layouts.


The fabric should be soft and figure-flattering. Compliment the look with a crown for a fresher feel and a more modern, trendy look.


Our suggestions:

Ingrid Dress

Vanessa Shirred Dress

Nixy Dress

The Graces Dress



Emirates Stakes Day

Emirates Day is the least formal of the days, because it is also known as the Family Day. The feel of the day is a little more relaxed, and this seeps into the dress code. Avoid outfits that feel too serious or too stuffy and instead go by your instincts for a classic, balanced look. Whether you choose a jumpsuit or dress, ensure you're comfortable and confident.


Ideas include unstructured dresses, light-hearted prints, and sophisticated separates. Ditch the intensely structured and tailored styles and go for soft silhouettes. Complete the look with wedges or chic flats. Your headpiece should be minimalist so that it doesn't overwhelm your outfit.


Our recommendations:

Daize Jumpsuit

Marcie Dress

Kalinda Dress

Xanthe Dress



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With our expert tips on how to choose your outfit for the Spring Racing Season, you'll nail the perfect outfit. Don't forget to accessorise your look with jewelry, a fascinator or headband and a clutch (but leave the stilettos at home - there’s nothing classy about getting your heel stuck in the grass!). Browse our collection of Spring Racing Carnival dresses and accessories and enjoy fast and free shipping across Australia for purchases over $100.