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Why are Formal Jumpsuits a Great Alternative to Dresses?

Why are Formal Jumpsuits a Great Alternative to Dresses?

Shopping for an outfit that says chic, sophisticated, and formal can sometimes be a struggle for every woman. Luckily, jumpsuits are designed to make that fashion statement. An all-in-one outfit that transcends all occasions? It’s a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. If you haven’t had the pleasure of slipping into a jumpsuit, then let’s educate you on this super underrated outfit.


1. They’re Unique

In a sea of dresses and ensemble outfits, the uniqueness of jumpsuits is visible. The fact that they are not a go-to for many women during events provides the opportunity for you to stand out and still look great. The fact that you can still be confident and comfortable at the same time is an added advantage.


2. Easy To Style

An all-in-one outfit? It’s never been easier to style. Unlike other outfits that require you to assemble, jumpsuits come already matched. All that's left for you to do is throw on the right shoes and you’re good to go.


3. It's a Power Outfit

A woman in a formal jumpsuit commands more respect and exudes so much confidence. It eliminates the worry of comfort, allowing you to be the best-refined version of yourself. Adding a blazer to your ensemble is the icing on the cake.


4. Perfect for All Seasons

You wouldn't wear a short dress during winter or a sundress during autumn, right? When it comes to jumpsuits, all those rules are thrown out. They’re designed to work throughout the year, regardless of the season. All you have to do is decide on how to style it for your formal event.


5. They Look Good on All Body Types

When you’re shopping for dresses, your first thought might be, “Does this flatter my body shape and type?” With jumpsuits, you are sure to find the perfect fit every time at Billy J. Our jumpsuits are designed to bring out your best feature, no matter your body shape.


Our favourite jumpsuits at Billy J

Got a wedding or other formal event coming up? We’ve got you, girl. Here’s our picks that’ll earn you best-dressed: 


1.    Lazy Daze Culotte Jumpsuit

This formal jumpsuit comes with an invisible zip at the back, a layered front, and a complete leg style. It has a semi-lined down leg pattern and is made of linen material - so comfy!


2.    Soar Jumpsuit

Our Soar Jumpsuit comes with a detachable second strap, making it super versatile. It has a hidden zipper on the side and is made of polyester. Coming in a bright red hue, you are sure to stand out.


3.    The Villa Jumpsuit

This one is the outfit of the season! Our Villa Jumpsuit features a strapless and sweetheart neckline that is both comfortable and flattering. With a wide tie across the bust and invisible zipper, it’s incredibly formal and stylish.


4.    Mellana Jumpsuit

Like our jumpsuit? Thanks - it comes with pockets! The Mellana Jumpsuit is a halter-neck tie-up style that is sure to get you noticed. With black and white polka dots, it’s also a vibe we’re loving.


Why we love jumpsuits

Jumpsuits really are the universal choice when it comes to outfits that define your waist and present your body in a stunning silhouette. We’d be lying if we didn’t say jumpsuits also made our fashion decisions that much easier: you won’t need to spend hours trying to match the bottom to the top. It’s all been planned for you with the throw-on-and-go ease.


Another reason why they are the perfect alternative to dresses is that your look can be instantly elevated with the right accessories. Whether you’re throwing on a chunky statement necklace or adding a bright headscarf to your ponytail, it really is all about the finishing touches that can make your jumpsuit next-level formal. And after the festivitie are over, you can wear your jumpsuit again by stripping it down and keeping it simple with fewer accessories. Same outfit - different look. All while delivering to your satisfaction.


Shop Billy J jumpsuits online today

Ready to shop for your formal jumpsuit? You’re sure to find it right here at Billy J. And with express shipping to all Australian postcodes for orders over $100, it’s never been more enjoyable to choose your wedding guest outfit.