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What to pack for a hot weekend getaway

What to pack for a hot weekend getaway

Beach towel? Check. Latest issue of Vogue? Check. Aperol Spritz? Pending.


So, you’ve decided to plan a quick two-day vacay – lucky you! Whether it’s a weekend away with the girls or a romantic escape with your partner, Billy J has just what you need to ensure you’re looking hot from head to toe. 


We get it – the least fun part of planning a getaway is the packing itself (and let’s not talk about the unpacking.) So, we’ve combatted this first-world problem by offsetting all that effort and putting it into planning our outfits, so we’ll look cute wherever we go – whether it’s on the beach or that five-star restaurant everyone raves about on Insta.



Packing rules 101

The golden rule of packing is to bring an outfit for each day you’re travelling, plus one. However, there’s a major difference between must-bring and want-to-bring. You might love your glitter mini dress, but unless you’re heading to the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade, you’ll have to leave it behind (sorry.)


You’ll no doubt have also considered the weather at your destination, so you’ll be packing accordingly. For obvious reasons, when you’re heading somewhere warm, you can leave the thick winter coat at home. 


In addition to your toiletries (bare essential skincare and makeup, toothpaste, toothbrush and deodorant) and electronics (a dead phone is pretty useless, right?), we’ve come up with the essentials you need to pack for a weekend getaway:


Statement jumpsuits and playsuits

It really is the best of both worlds (and saves a ton of space in your luggage too!) Jumpsuits and playsuits are the ‘throw on’ wardrobe staple that you can slide into while still making a statement. From relaxed fit wide leg pants to fitted strapless with lace or tassel detailing, it’s the ultimate day-to-night outfit. Made from breathable and lightweight cotton/polyester fabric, you’ll not only feel cool in the heat, but this blend will keep you from having to iron out wrinkles – bonus! 


Shop the look:

Clancy Playsuit

Cabana Playsuit

Villa Jumpsuit

Mellana Jumpsuit

Tops and bottoms

It’s the obligatory top and bottom combo: whether you’re more of a shorts and tank gal or prefer loose pants and a crop, it’s an understated look where anything goes. You can even mix and match your bottoms and tops, so you’re basically getting four outfits. 


Shop the look:

Margarita Pants

Serena Top

Belle Paper Bag Shorts

Ada Top


Obvi, this is a must-bring for your summer weekend getaway. Whether you’re lazing by the beach or you’ve snatched up accommodation with a private pool, when the forecast is hot you need to dress to match. Stand out with animal print two piece bikinis or go for a more demure look in our one piece,  


Shop the look: 

Kaya Bikini Set

Soul Searcher Bikini

Malika Bikini

Maui One Piece

Accessories are key

You’ve just got a weekend away; in which case your luggage space will be minimal. A trick to looking like you’ve got more outfit changes than Lady Gaga at the 2019 MET Gala is to accessorise. A pair of chandelier statement earrings can immediately dress up even the simplest of outfits. Wrap your standard ponytail in a patterned head scarf. Rock some cat eye sunglasses for that old Hollywood glam look. Don’t forget a wide brimmed hat to hide behind when the sun is at its brightest. Best of all, our accessories won’t take up too much space in your travel bag, so it is possible to look stylish with minimal effort.


Shop the look: 

Hummingbird Head Scarf

Dynamic Earrings

Round Hat

Quay Sunglasses

That’s shoe biz, baby

As much as we love a sky-high pair of stilettos, there’s a time and a place for it. But we also know that on your weekend getaway, you want to wear something more sartorial than a pair of black Havaianas. If you absolutely must have a bit of height, go for a cute kitten sandal heel. We think simple strappy sandals with a square toe are the perfect touch to any outfit. Of course, be sure to pack some slip on mules or espadrilles when you’ll be doing a fair bit of wandering.


Shop the look:

Sail Sneakers

Yakima Heels

Calva Slide

Vacation Espadrille Pull On

At Billy J, we love holidays just as much as we love dressing up! Wherever you’re going, whoever you’re going with, and whatever you do, we’ve got a style to suit every girl, body shape and vacation destination.


Best of all, we offer express shipping to anywhere in Australia and NZ. So, even if you’ve booked your impromptu trip just a few days ago, it’s never too late to shop for these Billy J vacay essentials. Browse our clothing and accessories today – you’ll be able to step out in your new outfit sooner than you might think.