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Hate wearing jeans at home? Try these comfortable alternatives

Hate wearing jeans at home? Try these comfortable alternatives

It’s no secret that at Billy J, we have a love affair with our jeans. Take a look in our wardrobes and you’ll find no less than two pairs in each colour: there’s black, off white, acid wash, light blue, dark blue and every colour in between. And don’t get us started on the different styles - mom jeans, distressed, flared and skinny.


However, as much as we love a good pair of denim, there’s just some days where we want to change up our look. After all, our jeans are meant to be shown off, but that’s proving to be an almost-impossible task for those days when we choose to spend a lazy Sunday in front of the television. What’s a girl to do when she doesn’t want to stay in her pyjamas all day but also doesn’t want to waste a good outfit that nobody will see? Fortunately, we’ve got the solution.


Find your vibe in these comfortable alternatives and save your fave pair of jeans for brunch with the girls or a night out.


Maxwell Joggers

Maxwell Joggers - Billy J


Long gone are the days of baggy, frumpy joggers that were solely reserved for PE class. Joggers are big in a huge way (sporty glam, anyone?) and the perfect pair can take you from couch to coffee date. You don’t need to compromise on style, either. Our Maxwell Joggers come in a range of colours including sage, musk, beige and the all-important black staple. They’re great with a pair of fuzzy slippers, but if you’re venturing out of the house, pair them with your favourite sneakers for an effortless look.


Cameron Pants

Cameron Pants - Billy J


If there was ever a garment of clothing to describe the feeling of sipping on a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, these pants are it. Perfect for doing just that, the Cameron Pants have an elastic waist, cute cable knit detailing and are super comfy for around the house. Available in cream and grey, you’ll probably need both because you’ll be living in these pants - seriously.


Ellita Pants

Ellita Pants - Bily J


If you haven’t let a little linen into your life yet, why not give it a go? Linen is known for its strength, breathability and all-round natural feel; making it a luxurious yet affordable material for clothing. Our Ellita Pants are made from a blend of linen and cotton and feature a wide leg and an adjustable drawstring waist. Get ready for the warmer weather: these pants are perfect for lazing under the aircon or soaking up the sun outdoors!


Gabriella Set

Gabriella Set - Billy J


Cute meets comfort with our Gabriella Set, available in lemon, pink, blue and lilac. The flowy shorts are perfect for a ‘Netflix and Chill’ sort of day, or for when you’d simply prefer to shy away from full-length pants. If you’re looking to add to your WFH uniform, pair your set with some cute socks! The best part about this set? You’ll be comfortable on the bottom, but still be Zoom call-ready on top (because who doesn’t wear cosy bottoms for an online meeting?)


Tori Set

Tori Set - Billy J


If you’re looking for the perfect pair of lazy pants, then this set is for you! The Tori Set comes in grey, white and sand with a matching crop. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the bottoms: elasticised at the waist and ankles, these pants are loose-fitting and great for everything (or nothing) you need to do around the house. Far more comfy than a tight pair of jeans? Strong yes!


Find your love for lounge wear

Lounge wear doesn’t have to be boring and at Billy J, we’ve definitely proven that. However, comfort is something we just won’t compromise. Oh, and a great fit that makes us feel amazing. Turns out, we’ve ticked all the boxes when it comes to jean alternatives. Check out our full range of bottoms online at Billy J to find the perfect fit for you. From culottes to knit pants, sets and more, we’ve got a style to satisfy those days where you just don’t want to put on the jeans.


Shop online today for the latest in loungewear. In a rush? We also offer express shipping across Australia for orders over $100 and fast shipping across the globe.