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Do’s and don’ts for wearing denim

Do’s and don’ts for wearing denim

Look in your wardrobe right now. How many pairs of jeans can you count? Same. We can’t tell you how many times “jeans and a nice top” has saved our butts when we’ve been invited to a casual event and asked to “wear something nice.” Whether it’s lunch with our girls or a no-pressure first date, that trusty outfit combo just saves the day, time and time again. But it’s not just our jeans that we should be praising: it’s denim in general.


Our love affair with denim

Denim jackets. Denim mini skirts. Denim cut-off shorts. If it’s made in denim, we’ve got it stashed away in our wardrobes. Dare we say it, even the denim vest, denim bucket hat and denim bag have all had their moment in the spotlight (albeit a long time ago).


Versatile, iconic and incredibly stylish, we can think of 100 different ways to wear denim every day and to nearly every occasion. We’re just waiting for the day that it becomes socially acceptable to rock up to a wedding in denim (it will happen – trust us.) But until that day arrives, there’s a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to this timeless trend.


Do’s for denim

Claim your title as the Denim Queen and reign over your friends with these simple do’s for wearing denim:

  • - Do experiment: Don’t usually wear ripped jeans but love the look of them? Always wanted to own a white denim jacket but had nothing to wear it with? Go for it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t pull it off. Fashion is all about experimenting, so how will you know if something does/doesn’t work for you if you haven’t stepped out of your comfort zone?

  • - Do double up on your denim: Also known as mixing and matching separate denim pieces, this is one trend that shows no signs of disappearing. If you’re a total beginner, try pairing different shades of denim together. Our -go-to is our fitted Levine Jeans in white and an oversized blue denim jacket like our Rumi Jacket. Then, when you’re comfortable, you can graduate to deep indigo jeans paired with a black jacket. Just make sure you don’t wear denim separates that are the exact wash without a colour in between.

  • - Do wear denim overalls: Not just for kids, denim overalls have relaunched to be sexier and much more stylish than ever before. The easiest way to style this one-piece wonder is to pair your Billy J overalls with a plain white t-shirt like our Vogue Tee for a polished look, or a peasant blouse like our Knowles Blouse for when the days get a bit colder. 


Don'ts for denim

Just as it’s so easy to get denim right, it’s just as easy to get it oh so wrong. One false step and you can wind up looking like Britney Spears back in 2001 – you know which red carpet moment we’re referring to. Avoid a denim disaster by being careful not to break any of these fashion rules:


  • - Don’t wear denim accessories: Remember the denim bucket hat? Or the denim shoulder bag? Yeah, there’s a reason why they were left behind in the early ‘00s, with no sign of revival. Leave them in the past, where they belong.

  • - Don’t be boring: Wearing Double-D? Elevate your look with some bold red lipstick or heels, like our Jessa Heels in white and black spots. Remember, you’re making a statement and people will stare – so make it worth their while.


Shop denim online at Billy J

Food. Water. Denim. Let’s get back to the essentials, shall we? At Billy J, we have a large collection of jeans, skirts, jackets and more in denim to suit your personal taste. In a range of colours, from white and faded light blue all the way to black, and in different styles, such as distressed, cropped or vintage, you can slide into one every day of the week.


Splurge on our denim and add to your wardrobe with the must-have pieces of the season. And with free express shipping for all orders over $100, you could be wearing your new piece just in time for the weekend.


Love, Billy J x