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Getting down to business: what to wear to a job interview

Getting down to business: what to wear to a job interview

After sending out your CV to a select few companies that you’d love to work for, you finally get that blessed, “We’d like to meet with you” email reply. Congrats! You’ve got the skills and you have the experience, but how do you measure up when it comes to what to wear to the interview? 


While your personality and skills matter most, first impressions truly are lasting.


Land that job with these professional outfits

You might have heard, ‘Dress for the job you want’ but we think it’s equally important to dress for the company you want to work for. While your distressed blue denim jeans and white off the shoulder blouse might look cute at brunch with the girls, they won’t fly with your job interviewer (unless of course, you’re interviewing for a major fashion retail brand).



Interviews are all about showcasing yourself in the best light possible, and your interview outfit is a big part of that. At the very minimum, wearing a good outfit can help with your confidence levels as you’re answering questions. And at the same time, showing up in an interview-appropriate outfit – looking polished from head to toe – sends a message to the company that you’ve put effort into understanding the culture and essentially proving that you’ll be a good fit.


So, how do you know what is ‘appropriate workplace attire?’ It’s easy: just do your homework! Check out their social media pages or website to see if there’s photos and videos of the employees. From there, it should be easy to gauge the company’s vibe. Are they all wearing business casual? Or are they suited up? 


If you’re still in doubt, play it safe with our anything-but-boring suggestions: 


Pants suit and long sleeve blouse

This is one of the safest options and the most popular. A pair of classic black slacks is versatile and can be worn multiple times. You can even dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. Team your fitted pants with a fitted blazer for an extra polished look.


Shop the look:

Drive Pants

Daniela Top

Hampton Pants

Annabel Blouse

Midi skirt and top

A midi skirt teamed with a pretty top tucked in at the waist makes for a very feminine look. Now, the skirt doesn’t have to be structured – if your style is boho chic, feel free to opt for a loose skirt. Just ensure the top is fitted so you don’t straddle the messy look. Add a skinny belt for a touch of detail that will highlight each separate in its own right. 


Shop the look:

Ballet Scoop Top

Anoki Skirt

Chloe Top

Alessi Skirt

Statement dress

You really can’t go wrong with a sleek, fitted dress – just remember to save the bright colours for after 5, and to avoid low plunging necklines and hems that sit well above the knee. Our selection of statement dresses will nod to your sartorial splendour while also ensuring you look like you were born for that role. 

Shop the look:

Nikki Dress

Leisha Dress

Shiri Dress

Juniper Dress

Diamonds (and shoes) are still a girl’s best friend 

You could wear the most polished outfit combination to your job interview, but if your shoes and jewellery don’t suit the overall vibe, then you may as well start all over again. In saying that, your shoes and accessories are a subtle way to express your personal style, and it’s important to get it right. Here’s our shoe and accessory suggestions:


The shoes: It goes without saying that sneakers are a big no-no, as are stilettos. Keep it refined with block heels – and if the weather permits, don’t be afraid to show off your fresh pedicure.

Doutzen Heel

Balira Heel

Rina Heels

Riva Heel

The accessories: Keep it understated and pay attention to the little details: a well-placed belt, stud earrings, and a cute but professional bag will speak volumes about your fashion sense (while still remaining polished.)

Armour Earrings

Cora Earrings

Miranda Belt

Marli Belt

Osaka Bag

Nicola Shoulder Bag

Dress for success with Billy J Boutique

What you wear to a job interview can really influence your chances of getting that job. Wearing the right outfit sends the message that you can perform the role successfully… before even opening your mouth.


When you want to make a great first impression – and leave a positive lasting impact – our collection of work-appropriate outfits at Billy J can get you there. Our selection of pants, tops, blazers and dresses have been designed to make getting ready for that interview effortless and stress-free. For office outfit staples, you can’t go wrong with sleek designs, muted colours and textured fabrics that are guaranteed to make you look stylish and professional. 


We offer express shipping to Australia and New Zealand on all orders over $100, and standard delivery to anywhere in the world. Best of all, we now have Afterpay, so you can wear your outfit to your job interview and pay for it later – too easy! Shop our collection now.