From desk to drinks: your staple wardrobe sorted

From desk to drinks: your staple wardrobe sorted

When you’ve got a fun night planned with your work besties straight after a day in the office, Happy Hour can quickly turn into Anxiety Hour. After all, what are you supposed to wear? Well, you could carry around a completely new outfit in your gym bag, but what if it’s wrinkled or creased by the time you put it on at 5 o’clock?

Don’t forget you’ll have to make a mad dash to the bathroom to change into your new outfit before the office lights turn off, which can leave you feeling stressed. And, don’t even think about rushing off to go home and quickly change into a fresh outfit: you just don’t have the time.

So, what do you do about this post-work wardrobe dilemma? At Billy J, we’ve got just the solution. With just a little bit of foresight and planning, you can create a wardrobe full of staple pieces that will effortlessly take you from professional to party animal, all in the same evening. And you won’t even need to change your outfit entirely (but we do recommend spritzing yourself with your fave perfume before heading out the door).


Our top 5 versatile wardrobe essentials 

At Billy J, we’ve mastered the art of the ‘desk to drinks’ merry-go-round, so we’ve come up with 5 essential pieces that you should add to your work wardrobe in preparation for those impromptu nights out immediately after work.


  1. Strappy cami: Go from boardroom-ready to big night out in an instant with a strappy cami. It’s smart enough for work with a pair of tailored pants but once the blazer comes off, your outfit is roaring and ready to go. Bonus points if your cami comes with lace or pretty detailing.

  2. Maxi dress: Fitted or loose – a maxi dress is a great desk to drinks selection. If it’s low cut at the front, throw it over a plain t-shirt whilst at work, and then remove when your out-of-office comes on. From there, you can dress up your maxi dress with a belt if it’s particularly flowy to create an ultra-feminine silhouette.

  3. Midi skirt: Whether it’s satin, silk or faux leather, a black midi skirt is a wardrobe essential when you want to take your look effortlessly from day to night. But we think you should ditch the pencil skirt: we’re thinking of something with a little more movement and with details like contrast stitching or pleats. While at work, wear over a pair of black stockings to pass the conservative dress code, but in the evening, all bets are off: wear bare-legged and dare to hitch it up just an inch.

  4. Blazer: The humble blazer has serious versatile vibes. Throw it on over a lace cami and skirt during work, and then when first drinks beckon, ditch your cami, leaving only your skirt and buttoned-up blazer. Alternatively, reverse your look by chucking your blazer loosely over your shoulders for a sophisticated look.

  5. Accessories: Your entire outfit can be elevated with just a simple addition of a statement necklace or pair of earrings. The bolder, the better. Think leopard print earrings or a chunky gold choker. Or, stand out in a black and white polka dot headband. Tip: Nothing says party like high heels. Keep a pair of your favourite pumps under your desk to get your look bar-ready in less than a minute.


Sort your desk to drinks wardrobe with Billy J

Whether you’re looking for a tailored check blazer or statement jewellery to elevate your office outfit, you’ll find it right here online at Billy J at affordable prices. We also offer fast shipping to Australian and New Zealand addresses, or to anywhere else in the world. In fact, if you order your clothing now, you might receive them just in time for Friday night drinks!

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