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“Work Pyjamas” To Wear When WFH

“Work Pyjamas” To Wear When WFH

As we leave the first half of 2020 behind, we can hardly believe that we stayed up until midnight to shout “Happy New Year” for this BS. Despite this, at Billy J, we’re channelling our inner Zen and looking for things that we can be grateful for this year. Let’s be real - it hasn’t been all that bad. We mean, only in 2020 was it acceptable to attend a company-wide group video conference in our pyjamas. Or have a cheeky glass of wine before midday (oh, just us then?)


Just because we’re doing things a little bit differently this year doesn’t mean that it’s an excuse to slack off, aesthetically speaking. If you’ve been feeling less like Beyonce at the VMAs and more Carrie Bradshaw at her Mexi-coma stage, we’ve got just the thing to get you out of your funk. Ditch the track pants and check out our top ‘work pyjamas’ to wear when you’re WFH.


Why having a WFH dress code is important

It’s no secret that our clothing and outfit choices can really affect our mood and personality. While you don’t need to go all out like you’re attending a job interview every day (unless you want to!), we’re of the opinion that dressing up a little bit can have a positive effect on your performance and attitude. Plus, it sure stops the days from blurring into an endless stream where there’s no real distinction between working and relaxing.


Here’s just a few reasons why adhering to a WFH dress code is important:


It creates ritual. We know that WFH can be tricky to adjust to (regardless of how long you’ve been doing it) so starting each day as you would if you were in the office (e.g. waking up at a set time, having a shower and getting dressed) can trick your brain into feeling like things are still quite normal and less overwhelmingly uncommon.

It shows respect, for yourself and your company. Straying from your expected workplace dress code and addressing your attire with disinterest might send the wrong image to your boss and colleagues. Wearing the right thing – even where is nobody to tell you otherwise – demonstrates that you can still follow the rules.

It changes your mindset. When you’re slouched over your laptop in pyjamas and an old top, you might not be mentally prepared to work. By creating a WFH wardrobe, you’ll be better prepared to face the day, more productive, and less likely to get distracted.


Need we say more? Let’s take a look at our fave working from home outfits. The best thing is, these choices are so cute that you’ll want to wear them out when lockdown ends.


Our top WFH outfit suggestions



At the start of the working week, you want to hit the ground running. While we’re not expecting you to don a full pantsuit, we do think a cute cropped knit and full-length skirt will set you up for the rest of the week ahead. Our carefully selected skirt includes an elasticised waistband for added comfort and a slit on the side for when you want to start the week off with a little kick. Match with a cropped knit and you’re all set!


We love: Harrow Cropped Knit in white and Soho Skirt in rust



After what we’d hoped would be a productive Monday, we want those vibes to continue well into Tuesday. Enter the crisp cotton-feel shirt, complete with oversized pocket placement. Button all the way up to the neck for a prim and proper look or leave a few unfastened for an I-woke-up-like-this Its curved hemline means you can wear it on its own or team with a pair of our restocked Betty Jeggings for those chilly days. Add a fedora and you’re good to go.


We love: Leopold Oversized Shirt in black



It’s hump day! We love the idea of celebrating the fact that we’ve gotten through two days of work already, and what better way to do that than to throw on a knit dress? We don’t know about you but we almost always associate sliding into a dress with feeling fancy, no matter where. Explore our ribbed numbers with collared detail and featured buttons down the front. Or opt for an oversized style that includes a detachable belt around the waist and an off-the-shoulder design. Our knit dresses are the perfect mix of casual and work-ready. Plus, they’re super comfortable.


We love: Louia Dress in sage or Bell Knit Dress in white



With one more day to go until Friday, we thought about easing into the second final work day with a pair of comfy pants and knit top. Not quite trackies and definitely too elevated to be considered “pyjamas”, our wide pants come complete with a ribbed look and an elasticised waistband. The casual lounge slash oversized look has never appeared more indulgent.


We love: Madden Pants in grey and Baltimore Knit in white



Hooray! You made it through the week, girl. Whether it’s the video conference company-wide wrap up that requires your attendance or you’re hanging for 5pm so you can have virtual drinks with the girls, there’s a lot of reasons why Friday’s outfit deserves a little more attention. May we suggest a cute little matching set? We love a pop of colour and can’t resist starting off the weekend with mint. Did someone say mojito?


We love: Jora Knit Shorts and Jora Knit Top in mint green


What will you be wearing while WFH? Get some style inspo online at Billy J boutique store, where our loungewear collection awaits. From cotton sets to dresses, knitwear and more, our clothes are the very definition of luxe comfort. So, go on and get shopping for the hottest in iso outfits. Did we mention there’s fast and free delivery for all orders over $99?