Why You Need A Coatigan This Winter?

Why You Need A Coatigan This Winter?

Winter is well and truly here, with those nippy mornings and chilly evenings that make us want to stay in bed all day. What you need is an outerwear piece that will see you through until spring arrives, and of course, a worthwhile investment to your winter wardrobe. 

At Billy J, we’ve got the perfect solution when it’s too cold for a cardigan but just a little too warm for a coat. We’re talking about the humble coatigan.


First of all, what is it?

Is it a coat? Is it a cardigan? No: it’s a coatigan! A hybrid of the two aforementioned winter staples, a coatigan is the perfect outerwear whether you’re ducking out to the shops or meeting new clients. Lighter than a coat (and less stifling!) but much warmer than a cardigan, it’s a fashionable update that you’ll want to reach for every time you need ‘something warm’ to put on over your outfit.

To the untrained eye, a coatigan looks like a cardigan because of its open front. However, it’s also similar to a coat in that it’s made of a heavier, warmer fabric. You might find some styles that have pockets, a tie waist belt or even a hoodie but it essentially doubles as a coat and a cardigan. Hence the name. Now that you’ve been formally introduced, here’s why you need a coatigan this winter.


Meet your new BFF: The Coatigan

  • The ultimate transeasonal garment: With the exception of summer, a coatigan can be worn through all the seasons. For those days where you don’t know whether you need a coat or if a knit will be warm enough, it’s the perfect middle ground.

  • Smart for work: Jacket too formal but cardigan too casual? A coatigan is the solution. With its streamlined look and muted colour, it lets everyone know that you mean business – but you also have a stylish side and you’re not afraid to show it.

  • It’s versatile: The coatigan truly transcends age and fashion. Having made its mark over the last couple of years and seen on the likes of Gwen Stefani, Blake Lively and Nicky Hilton, coatigans are hot property. They can also be paired with different looks to suit any occasion.

  • How do you style the coatigan?

    Because of its versatility, there are many ways that you can wear your coatigan. Just a few of our favourites are listed below:

    • Layer it over a thin knit or tee with your jeans when you’re running errands around town. Whether you want to keep warm while going to the grocery store to pick up tonight’s dinner or catching up with a friend over coffee, the coatigan will always pull through.
    • It’s the perfect substitute for a blazer or suit jacket when you need to smarten up your look without straying into formal territory. Have a job interview? Put on the coatigan – you can thank us later.
    • In warmer weather, you can still wear your coatigan by pairing it with bare legs, a shift dress and your fave ankle boots. Boho chic has never looked so good – or been so achievable with so little effort.
    • Attending a cocktail party? Keep warm with a structured coatigan that won’t compromise your party dress outfit.


    Looking for a super soft coatigan to add to your wardrobe? At Billy J, we stock the stylish Pia Coatigan and Zuzu Coatigan in a range of neutral shades to suit your taste. Find your colour in blush, grey, sage and sand to pair with multiple outfits all day, every day. Our oversized coatigans come in two lengths: thigh-skimming and just below the knee to create a streamlined silhouette wherever you go.


    Shop online at Billy J for coatigans, cardigans, coats and more

    With the substance and functionality of a coat but the mobility that a cardigan offers, a coatigan is your must-have wardrobe staple. You can get your hands on a stylish piece online at Billy J Boutique. With fast and free express shipping for orders over $100 in Australia and NZ, complete your winter wardrobe with a stylish coatigan, cardi, coat or any other outerwear.