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What To Wear To Beat The Summer Heat

What To Wear To Beat The Summer Heat

We love a bit of Nelly and “It’s Gettin’ Hot In Herre,” now that summer’s upon us. But we’re afraid “taking off one’s clothes” won't be an appropriate option outside of the house for most of us.

But fear not! Staying cool this summer AND looking darn cute while doing so is still totally achievable. We’ve got looking and being cool down to a science with these sneaky tips and pieces that’ll help you beat the summer heat. 

A Long Strapped Bag

When you’re not hiding away in an air-conditioned room, you’ll probably need to go outside, meaning you’ll need to carry all the bare necessities. Sunscreen, a mini fan, wet wipes and all your tech will need to be kept safe and sound, and if possible, nowhere near your underarms, which is always the case with a shoulder bag. Opt for a long strapped bag that not only hangs loosely but also isn’t dark in colour, attracting heat.

The Rooney Shoulder bag or the Joey belt bag would be stellar options. 

We even recommend taking things one step further with ventilated basket pieces that can be carried by hand, like…

Bayside Bag
Zahra Bag
Abbie Clutch 

Your Best Foot Forward

Once your bag of lifesaving essentials is all packed, your shoes need to match, both style-wise and in “heat-beating” functionality. 

Sandals will be your best friend, and as for those after work shoes that you can easily jump into and kick off? Opt for slip-on sandals. Our stylish and versatile favourites are…

Antigua Slides
Crete Flats
Cayo Flats
 (for some added glam)
Davina Flat Sandal 

However, if you’re likely to be walking long distances or trawling through the sand (and keen NOT to lose your footwear), we recommend flats that have secure straps that won’t fall off when you’re out and about. For more secure sandals that’ll keep your outfit in check, we love

Denver Flat Sandals
Unique Flats 
Vacation Espadrille
 (a great ventilated shoe that gives a bit more coverage with all the European charm). 


Dressed To Breathe

When your core is cool, your whole body is cool, so wearing the right outfits will be essential in beating the heat this summer. Not only will the colours matter, but lightweight fabrics will make all the difference in regulating your temperature and making sure you don’t get grumpy in the heat (we’ve all been there)!

For a day at the beach we recommend pieces that are lightweight, dry easily (should you get a bit splashed) and give you just enough coverage for sun protection. Pieces we’d rock include…

Ingrid Dress
Florence Bay Dress
Manila Dress

If you’re ready for a hot summer night out, we reckon you can inject a bit more flair into your outfit so that you’re still comfortable but a little fancier. For cooler summer nights, we recommend pieces like….

Belleza Maxi Dress
Pluto Dress
Hamilton Dress

And for a piece that’ll absolutely slay for that rooftop date, we are loving the Davina Dress. Don’t leave home without it, girls!


Last but not least, our ultimate “self-cooling tactic” will be jumping into the nearest pool. But, not without having the right bathing suit first.

If you’re working on your tan, a bikini is a must (alongside plenty of sunscreen)! We recommend the following pieces that’ll never go out of date and provide plenty of chest support. 

Textured Rib Bikini Set
Samiah Bikini Set
Kaya Bikini set

Most importantly, our Coconut Sunscreen SPF 50+. We can’t stress this enough! Make sure your pretty little face is also cared for with our sticky zinc that blends onto your face seamlessly, preventing premature aging and keeping you covered sunwise - literally!

If you’re after sleeker, more streamlined swimwear, with the kind of coverage only a one piece can offer, then these are the pieces for you.

The Ariel One Piece
The Textured Rib One Piece 
Oahu One Piece
The High Tide One Piece 

Keen to spice up any of these swimwear pieces with a few more accessories? Opt for a simple necklace that won’t get caught on anything, as well as a robe and summer hat to complete your resort look. You’ll be able to beat the heat and look chic in the process. A simple add on could be one of our round hats, or even our ocean breeze head scarf wrapped around your top-knot for even more “breezy feels”, ahhhh. Very continental!


No matter the temperature, setting, or occasion, Billy J brings the best of summer fashion to you, with FREE SHIPPING across Australia and New Zealand for purchases over $100. Get your complete look with one visit to our site and watch heads turn as you keep cool this summer season. Shop the collection now. 

Much love, Billy J. xo