Tips on Finding The Best Jeans & Knitwear Combination

Tips on Finding The Best Jeans & Knitwear Combination

You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to know that winter is coming. In fact, we bet you can feel it all around you as the days get shorter and the cool change starts making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s time to rug up, girls! 

Fear not. We here at Billy J know that you’re not keen on bulky attire or heavy layers that make you look like a waddling penguin. No, thank you! We’ve curated a wardrobe full of knitwear and denim jeans combinations that’ll have you looking fashionably functional, whether it’s for a conference call while you’re working from home or just to keep yourself feeling normal (and sane) during the cold months. Here’s what we’ve come up with to set you up this winter. 

The Working From Home (WFH) Get-Up

So, with everything that’s happening in our crazy world, no doubt that you’ll have to hop on a conference call or two. While you don’t want to be wearing pyjamas in front of your boss, truth be told, you’d look like an absolute weirdo if you wore a full on suit whilst WFH. Here’s where a professional cardi and blue jeans combo will save you hours trawling through your wardrobe and keep things work appropriate for your online meetings. It’s all about long tops and loose bottoms here. Long knits carry an air of professionalism while loose pants balance and add comfort (but remain hidden), keeping everything looking smart.  

We recommend the Kaba Cardigan in grey. This piece is comfortable to wear, while the rough cut collar screams “girl boss.” Other recommendations include:

The Mila Knit Cardigan

The Chase Jacket  

The Be Cosy Cardigan 

We’d match any of these up with the Chloe Jeans in dark denim. These cropped flare pants are comfortable to wear and add some extra chic to your casual business look. Other alternatives include: 

The Lopez Jeans 

The Taylor Jeans

The Bentley Jeans 

The Perfect Date Outfit

So, a few weeks back you met the love of your life (he may not know that yet but that’s not the point) but now you have to wait till quarantine is over before you go on your next date. Let’s just say you’ve got plenty of time to get your outfit ready for when everything calms down. 

There’s nothing like an outfit that’s not only warm and comfy but makes you look like an effortless beauty, even if you have spent hours fighting with your hair to get the perfect “natural” wave. Exude comfortable chic in an off shoulder sweater that flatters and adds some romanticism to your whole look. We recommend the Lillian Knit in Oatmeal for just that. 

We also love:

Osaka Crop Knit

Ivy Knit

Pollie Knit Top

A cropped/asymmetric sweater calls for highwaisted pants to balance it all out. The perfect pairing to go with this piece is our favorite, the Linden Jeans. Not only do they look great but they’re perfect for tucking in your belly after dinner. Opt for the washed out denim for a casual date or black for something a bit more fancy. We recommend:

Levine Jeans

Jefferson Jeans 

Brienne Mum Jeans 

The Quick Dash Out

With limitations on outdoor activity, you only have four opportunities to step out - so you’d better make them count! Whether you’re stepping out of the house for work, grocery shopping, or taking a relaxing stroll around the block for some fresh air, you’ll want a loose top for comfort/movement but skinny jeans to keep your whole look slimmed down. As a general rule, the looser the top, the tighter the jeans. For a perfect knit and blue jeans combo for when you’re runnings errands, we recommend the Warrior Knit Top. The plum hue is one of our faves and really delivers a statement, but if you’re after something a bit more sombre and minimalist, opt for... 

Navy Warrior Knit 

Taupe Warrior Knit

Black Warrior Knit

As for skinny jeans? You can’t go wrong with our Franklin Jeans, cropped to add a sporty edge to your look. Other great options include:

Mason Jeans in Leopard

Easy Way Out Jeans 

Ava Jeans

The best knit and denim combos are all about balance and we hope you feel some much-needed equilibrium during this time of uncertainty. Stay safe, stay inside and get your outfits ready for when this finally all comes to an end. 

Kisses, Billy J