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Practical women’s winter coats to jump into in 2020

Practical women’s winter coats to jump into in 2020

When it comes to outerwear that truly completes your look, no piece of winter fashion comes quite as close to the perfect coat. A smart sleek piece will not only be warm and functional but flattering and expressive, telling those around you about your style and to look out as soon as you sashay down the sidewalk! 

But finding the perfect winter coat for the year ahead and for seasons to come takes some seriously fine tuning. Here are some of the best winter coat styles that’ll suit you no matter what, helping you jump into 2020 and even see you through the years ahead.



If you’re after a functional coat that still looks professional, then a blazer coat is the perfect piece. Blazers offer a traditional silhouette that’s slimming, sharp and exudes timeless chic. Whether you go with a single or double-breasted piece, you’ll add extra style to your whole look. 

For a timeless black blazer reminiscent of YSL’s “smoking suit” we recommend the Ella Blazer in black. This will go with all the items in your wardrobe no matter the colour. Likewise you could go for a white blazer if you prefer a brighter shade by opting for the St Tropez Blazer. Not only does it offer the same level of chic but it’s perfect for layering and accessorising.  

If you’re not as fond of monochrome, go for a brown blazer like the Emily Blazer. Not only is it unique and cut to suit all shapes, but the camel brown adds extra glamour and warmth to your overall look.  

If you’re after something that isn’t as form-fitting but still has a “blazer style,” the Uptown Cape offers warmth, professionalism and a flattering silhouette to your overall look without defining the body.



Coatigans have become a hit since their introduction to the Australian market in the last few years. Not only do they offer the warmth of a coat but they also offer the casual and comfortable feel of a cardigan. With the coatigan, you get the best of both worlds!

If you’re after a comfy piece of outerwear that’s still stylish, the collared Zuzu Coatigan gives you both and comes in a subtle shade of grey that makes it perfect for matching with dark and light clothing depending on your mood. 

For those keen to look pretty in pink, the Pia Coatigan in blush offers warmth, style and a pastel hue that adds extra girly-ness to your outfit. This particular style with a wide collar and knee length also comes in grey and sage.


Teddy Jackets

For those after a look that screams cosiness and flirty charm, the perfect outerwear for you will be a Teddy jacket. These cosy and fuzzy jackets offer a bit of casual street style with all the warmth you could possibly need.

The Zoella Jacket in black is the perfect choice for those after a darker coat to throw over their activewear or date night outfit. For those after a lighter hue, the Tyla Teddy Coat will see you through the colder months and brighten your mood with its subtle camel colour and adjustable collar to suit whatever look you’re after.


Denim Jackets

While denim jackets are a staple no matter the season, these icons of fashion make for excellent winter coats due to their ability to be layered and paired with any colour or accessory you have at hand. Whether you’re wearing one with a turtleneck underneath for a beatnik vibe or bundling up with a sweater and an oversized scarf, a denim jacket will see you through the seasons ahead no matter what you pair it with. You’ve just got to find the right one!

We recommend the Laurent Jacket, which sits just at the hips. This suits everyone but it’s especially perfect for those who are on the petite side. However, if you’re keen for a look that’s enveloped by a larger oversized jacket, the Rumi Denim Jacket is a great option which will conceal your layers.  

Lastly, the Cool Girl Jacket in white gives you even more opportunities to pair it with brighter garments and accessories. It also comes in a straight cut, making it great for narrower figures to give a more edgy, boyish silhouette.


Find the perfect winter coat for 2020 at Billy J

Whether you’re after a long stylish coat for work or a denim jacket to rock from dusk till dawn, Billy J has you covered (literally)! We’ve got something for you no matter what the weather brings. Our selection of coats, jackets and outerwear will have you spoiled for choice and 100% rugged up for the cooler half of the year, helping you face winter head on.