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Pick Well; Style Often. The basics every girl needs in her wardrobe

Pick Well; Style Often. The basics every girl needs in her wardrobe

As we make the transition into Australia's summer season, it's a great time to take stock of your wardrobe.  Every girl should have a great selection of basic fashion items to mix and match outfits from casual to fine dining. Having the right clothing foundation in your spring/summer collection can make your statement pieces and trendy garments go much further.


What are wardrobe basics?

A basic selection of clothing items may mean different things to different women. But, it's easier when you think of your clothing, shoes, and accessories as belonging to one of three categories:


  • Classic or basic garments - These wardrobe items are timeless, functional, and seem to never go out of style. Consider black pumps, a trench coat, and a cosy Coatigan which is a combo coat and cardigan constructed of soft but luxurious materials as a few classic selections every woman should have in her wardrobe.

  • Trendy or fashion-forward items - Trending clothes change each year, which is why it’s best to limit your wardrobe and not overcommit to these on-trend clothing options. Crop tops, bell bottom slacks, oversized shirts, and high-waisted jeans are just a few fashion trends that continue circulating in and out of fashion.

    • Statement Pieces - These wardrobe pieces are the knock-out item that people will likely notice first. A statement piece can be a bold necklace, patent leather pants, or even a flattering, strapless black jumpsuit. When statement pieces are selected with care, you can generally use them throughout multiple fashion seasons.


     Your basic wardrobe will generally consist of classic items that are not trendy or a passing design fad. With the right pieces, you'll get more fashionable years out of your entire closet - season after season.


    5 Well-Picked Wardrobe Basics


    1. Strappy sandals to take you from the office to the dance floor 

    Your number one fashion basic is the timeless and always elegant strappy sandals with a heel. These shoes pair well with everything from skinny-legged jeans for play, to a fitted blazer and slacks for work, or the iconic LBD for a night on the town. 


    2.  Sharp-looking denim to mix-and-match

    While your wardrobe may be stocked with denim of all colours, always keep a pair of skinny black or dark blue denim jeans. You will be amazed at how many casual outfits you can create with this basic wardrobe piece. Pair your black jeans with a light and flowing cream-coloured blouse tied up to the front or a warm mocha cardigan for when the days get a bit cooler. 


    3.  Make a fashion statement with a Classic Blazer

    classic blazer will be essential - even during summer months. Every woman should own a light blazer to throw over a cute dress or pair with a set of tailored shorts. This is another basic piece that can double as a statement piece when you choose a blazer that is form-fitted, has a distinct colour, and is made of high-quality materials. This versatile piece can be dressed up for work or dressed down with a high-neck tee and a pair of denim shorts.


    Tip: A blazer with a shorter cut and a tighter fit will feel and look more feminine. If you opt for a full length blazer, consider a less structured blazer with a boxy or oversized fit.


    4. Create amazing outfits with a denim jacket

    It doesn't take much creativity to get more wear from a basic denim jacket. Almost anything can sweeten this wise choice for a date night outfit, such as a statement necklace and statement purse, along with a barely-there chemise top.  Whether you choose an oversized, blue wash jean jacket with a classic white tee and a flirty skirt, or a lighter blue denim jacket to create a vintage motorcycle-gal look - you can't go wrong!


    5. The little black dress is still a wardrobe must-have!

    The black dress is still a wardrobe icon for any woman, of any age, and of all fashion appetites. Think our dramatic black dress with sculptured design flair for that special night out. Or, take the little black dress to next level with white polka dots and lots of feminine flair.


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