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How to master the trans-seasonal look

How to master the trans-seasonal look

Too cold for sandals? But too warm for boots? And what on earth are you supposed to wear when it’s chilly in the morning, warm during the day, and then cold again in the evening? If you’re confused as to what to throw on as the seasons transition and overlap, you’re not alone. Even for the most fashion-conscious, it can be mildly annoying wondering how to balance the weather with wearing on-trend clothes, especially when all you’ve got in your wardrobe are pieces perfectly suited only for the season just passed.

Thankfully, at Billy J, we’ve got you covered with a winter-come-spring wardrobe edit. We love any excuse to shop for new pieces, which is why we’ve curated some of the best statement garments for you to rock when the temperature is … well, we’re not quite sure.


Your 5 must-have wardrobe pieces for trans-seasonal dressing

Creating a trans-seasonal wardrobe is all about investing in a few key pieces that will go the distance, no matter what the weather is like outside. Here’s our recommendations for looking stylish between seasons:


A blazer: Taking on a more feminine silhouette due to its pinched waist, a blazer is a great investment that is perfect for all seasons. They’re also super easy to style, too. Not only are they great for when you want to look professional in the office, but when paired with a high waisted midi skirt and singlet, relaxed mom jeans, or a maxi dress, they take on a more casual look. Getting hot in here? Take the blazer off without affecting the rest of your outfit.


A pair of wedges: These shoes are the ultimate trans-seasonal footwear – a closed toe keeps your feet warm in the chilly morning, while the wedge style delivers a subtle notice that the warmer months are soon arriving. Plus, they’re the ultimate footwear to take you from beach to bar effortlessly. Don’t worry about whether you’re too overdressed or underdressed - the rest of your ensemble will help dictate whether your wedges are casual or dressy (is there anything wedges can’t do!?)


Jeans: We’re cheating a bit here, as jeans are perfect for any kind of season. However, as it transitions from cold to warm weather, we recommend ripped jeans are the way to go. Ultra-stylish and a perfect match with just about any top already in your wardrobe.


Maxi dress: A total failsafe, the maxi dress is great for any season. The ultimate throw-on-and-go, the ankle-biting length ensures your body will stay warm under the fabric, while all you need is a long-sleeve top to cover your shoulders and arms until the weather really heats up. Wear with sneakers and an oversized jacket for major boho vibes.


Midi skirt: Yes, you can wear a skirt in the winter transition! Just like the maxi dress, layer a floral or patterned midi skirt with a knit or long-sleeve top, a jacket and even a scarf. Then, as the day gets warmer, take off the scarf and jacket. 


Rocking the trans-seasonal look is easy with Billy J 

The trick is to layer your clothes but keep it light. You don’t want to look like Lenny Kravitz-level cold, but you also want to ensure you’re not overheating as the day warms up. Make cotton your best friend during the changeover months, due to its soft, breathable fabric.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of distressed jeans or a check blazer, you’ll find it right here at Billy J at affordable prices. Enjoy fast shipping to anywhere in Australia from our head office on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Shop online at Billy J for your winter-to-spring wardrobe now!