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How to choose the perfect jumpsuit for a wedding?

How to choose the perfect jumpsuit for a wedding?

Style comes to life at weddings. Everyone wants to look their best without upstaging the bride and groom, of course. But this begs the question, is there a perfect universal outfit suitable for weddings?


The short answer is yes, and we’ve got the ultimate selection right here at Billy J Boutique: jumpsuits.


Just like any special event, a lot of thought goes into the process of picking that one piece that works for you. Below are some top factors to consider:


1. The Wedding Dress Code

Most wedding invitations include a dress code on how the couple would want their guests to look for the event. This is usually defined by the theme they want as well as the location of their wedding. Following the dress code does narrow down your choices and suggests the appropriate colours. The fact that jumpsuits have an all-in-one concept makes it easy to follow the guidelines.


For colour versatility, you can pick the Soar Jumpsuit. It’s available in different shades, so you can pick the colour that best matches the dress code. It includes a detachable second strap and a concealed zip on the side, and is super comfortable. You’ll be able to dance, eat and relax all night in it.


2. Colour

When it comes to picking the perfect jumpsuit for a wedding, the obvious no-no is the colour white. Wearing white makes it seem like you are trying to upstage the bride - and that is never a good look. Off-white colours such as cream, ivory, vanilla, bone, and eggshell are also generally not acceptable. Also, avoid neon colours or sparkly metallics. Their bright and reflective nature may end up stealing the spotlight from the newlyweds.


That still leaves a wide range of colours, including red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo, and violet at your disposal.


FRANCESCA JUMPSUIT is a perfect choice. It incorporates a neckline that is ultra flattering and comfortable. With this look, all you need are a few accessories, and you have the perfect outfit.


Hot tip: Be sure to check what the bridesmaids are wearing to avoid being mistaken for one.


3. Consider the Season

The outfit you choose must work with the wedding season. Paying attention helps you avoid being overdressed or underdressed. You cannot dress lightly for a winter wedding or wear an abundance of layers for an outdoor summer wedding. Jumpsuits are designed to work through all seasons and still flatter your body. What varies is how you wear it.


The Pluto Jumpsuit is an example of a perfect wedding outfit. With its long billowing sleeves and satin feel, you’ll be able to stay cool all day. This outfit is one of the best transeasonal jumpsuits.


4. What Time Is The Wedding?

An outfit that works for a day wedding may not work for one that is happening at night. This is because the weather during the day is entirely different from the weather in the evening.


Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect jumpsuit for a day-to-night transition. The LAZY DAZE CULOTTE JUMPSUIT is the ideal go-to. All you need to do is throw on a structured jacket as the sun dips and you’re good to go.


5. Location of the Wedding

If the wedding ceremony is held in a church or other place of worship, consider the Leona Jumpsuit in a more conservative gathering. Its shoulder-length sleeves make it acceptable but still flattering. It has a fixed tie for the waist and invisible zip on the back.



Look wedding-ready with Billy J

When a special occasion comes calling, Billy J is here to bring you variety with our large collection of jumpsuits. Whether it’s a semi-formal dress code or a beachside wedding, our outfits are guaranteed to keep you on-trend and looking classy.


With fast and FREE express shipping across Australia and NZ for orders over $100, your wedding jumpsuit can be at your door sooner than you think. Shop our collection online today.