4 Ways to Style Boots With Jeans

4 Ways to Style Boots With Jeans

Boots and jeans in winter: we dare you to name a better trio. As the mercury drops to near-illegal temperatures, we can’t help but wish it was socially acceptable to wear our warmest pyjamas out in public. Alas, there’s actually a better – and much more chic – solution to our winter wardrobe blues. Enter the humble denim jeans and boots look. 

Effortlessly sophisticated, incredibly versatile and a staple throughout the ages, Billy J is here to show you 4 different ways that you can style your fave jeans with the right boots.


Boyfriend Jeans

As the name suggests, ‘boyfriend jeans’ look like they’re actually his but tailored for her. While they have a relaxed fit around the thighs and legs, they’re taken in around the waist or hips for a flattering look. No wonder boyfriend jeans are such a popular choice - delivering the best of both worlds where comfort and style combine. But if you thought you couldn’t rock a pair of baggy jeans with boots, then you’d be mistaken. The trick is to roll up and cuff your boyfriend jeans at the bottom so that they are tapered off. Then, add ankle boots and a tee to complete the look.


This goes with thatBentleys Jeans and Narvi Boots



Skinny Jeans

It’s the old faithful: you really can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans. It must be black magic that instantly transforms our legs into a stunning, slimming silhouette once we’ve squeezed into a pair of skinnies – there really is no other explanation. The very definition of versatile, any type of boot can be paired with skinny jeans. Slide into black, thigh high boots or opt for tan cowboy style complete with rounded toe. You can never go wrong with lace ups on an open toe suede boot… really, the choices are endless.


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Cropped Straight Jeans

Jeans that graze just above your ankle bone really do work with any kind of shoe: wedges, sneakers, boots: you name it. But we think they look best when paired with ankle boots. That way, a little bit of skin is showing for a more refined look. The trick to mastering a pair of cropped jeans is to match the pants with the footwear colour. This way, the footwear acts as an extension of your body, even if there’s a little gap between. Add a coatigan and a fedora hat and you’re winter-ready.


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Wide Leg Jeans

For the boho babes out there, you’re going to love the combination of your wide leg jeans with boots. While your footwear will be almost entirely concealed due to the wideness of the hem, the front of your shoes will still be visible, especially when you’re walking about town. The important thing to remember is that you’ll have to wear a heeled boot with your wide leg jeans, otherwise your denim will drag on the ground (that’s one distressed look we don’t appreciate).

This goes with that: Lopez Jeans and Yves Boots in black lizard



The perfect colour combo

Do your jeans justice and pair it with the right colour footwear:

  • White jeans look amazing when paired with a nude or light tan boot, preferably in suede for a classy, put together look.
  • When you’re wearing black jeans, any coloured footwear goes. However, if you’re wearing thigh or knee-high boots, opt for black as it keeps your leg silhouette as one.
  • Acid washed denim will really pop when you wear the look with black ankle boots. Just remember to keep the footwear plain and simple with no embellishments or textures like animal print. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! A dark blue denim and a red boot can look really good together. You won’t know until you try!

    It all comes down to the footwear

    Denim jeans don’t just come in standard blue – although that’s the time-honoured colour. We have such a big love affair with jeans that we’re not ones to turn down white, black or any other shade. You name it, and we have the colour and the style in our wardrobes. And, because we love our jeans so much, there’s no way we would ever disrespect them by pairing them with the wrong boots.


    That’s why we’re proud to have paired with Billini to provide a range of boots for the fashion-forward babe. Master this season’s look in a pair of ankle boots in dark camel or take a walk on the wild side with faux reptile-embossed textures. Whatever you prefer, we’ve got it for you right here at Billy J. Shop our collection of denim jeans and boots and enjoy fast shipping across the world.